Why Math Funbook?

Unlike so many materials on the market that simply have “Common Core” slapped on the front, every Math Funbook page has been designed from the ground up.  Each page has been hand crafted to specifically address each of the Common Core State Standards. These are new Common Core Math practice worksheets that you can start using in your classroom today.

New Common Core Math Practice Worksheets


New Common Core Math Practice Worksheets

As a math teacher, I’ve seen year after year the kinds of problems that students struggle with, and as the new Common Core State Standards began to draw near, I saw a unique opportunity to design materials to help my students be successful. Students routinely struggle with procedural skill and fluency, and without it, they don’t stand a chance applying their math or explaining it conceptually.

Each Math Funbook is designed to provide targeted practice that students can either work on in a classroom setting, or do independently. The unique design of each page helps students check their answers without giving them an answer key. Students can learn to persevere in their problem solving by receiving immediate feedback. Directions are straightforward, ensuring students spend their time practicing, and not “figuring out” how the page works. Whenever possible, ample workspace has been provided. Each Math Funbook is a flexible resource for the classroom teacher. Whether it’s independent practice, group work, or a class guided activity, your Math Funbook will be an invaluable addition to your classroom curriculum.

I encourage you to take some time to look inside at the practice each Math Funbook has to offer, and download some free samples. You will not be disappointed.