Free Worksheets

You can view every Math Funbook page online, but we wanted to make sure you could download and print some free common core math worksheets to see what great quality your Math Funbook will have when it arrives. Feel free to download, print, and share these free PDF worksheets based on the Common Core State Standards. Try them out in your classroom and see what an invaluable tool they can be for your students as they move towards mastery of the CCSS.

6th Grade Math CCSS

6.RP.3(a) – Proportionality with Tables and Graphs

6.EE.1 – Exponents with a Whole Number Base


7th Grade Math CCSS

7.EE.4(a) – One-Step Add/Subtract Equations with Integers

7.G.6 – Surface Area of Three-Dimensional Objects


8th Grade Math CCSS

8.NS.2 – Compare Irrational Expressions

8.F.3 – Graph y=mx+b